The true meaning behind roses

Have you ever wondered about the true meaning behind roses?There are many flowers, herbs, trees, and other plants that traditionally symbolize emotions, feelings, or thoughts, so I thought I would put together a list to help you

Mother’s Day a Quick Guide

With Mother's Day just around the corner, you really will not want to forget your dear old mum seeing as she is probably the most important woman in your life.Regardless of whether you live in the United Kingdom, the United States of

A Guide to Spring Gardening

The change of season indicates a brand-new beginning and Spring is surely a fascinating period in your garden, with fresh growth springing up out from the soil and an ever expanding to do list of things to get done at the start of the

Orchid Mantis

While doing some random surfing while the kids where out I ended up on youtube where I stumbled across a video on Orchid Mantises.They look absolutely beautiful, just like an Orchid or flower around but they are deadly to insects,

Gravel Gardens Ideas

I have a male friend who lives in a nice house with a front and back garden but like most single men he is more interested in watching sport or going down the pub to meet his friends than to spend time tending to his gardens!With this

Flower themed Christmas carols

People have sung Christmas carols for hundreds of years, these songs of praise are more than annoying tunes you hear pumped out in the shops at Christmas time. They are songs of passion about love, faith, devotion and seasonal cheer, so as